5 Great Uses for Iceberg Lettuce

5 Great Uses for Iceberg Lettuce
While Iceberg might not be consider a “leafy green full of antioxidants”, it is still a wonderful vegetable prized for its crisp texture. Sturdy with a surprising delicate flavor, this lettuce adds a nice crunch to many meals. Organically grown and harvested Iceberg has that certain nostalgia that we sometimes crave. These 5 ideas will certainly provide meal ideas for your upcoming week while bringing back some fun memories.

Taco Night
Shredded iceberg lettuce adds texture to any kind of taco and is a good way to get some fiber into your kids. Try carnitas tacos, fish tacos or taco salad.)

The Iceberg Wedge
Reacquaint yourself with the classic appetizer of a wedge of iceberg drizzled with blue cheese dressing. Even better with chopped bacon bits and/or chopped hardboiled egg sprinkled on it. Don’t forget- Caesar salad, a classic, made with Iceberg Lettuce.

The Club Sandwich
Make yourself an old fashioned club sandwich. (In general, there is probably no sandwich that wouldn’t benefit from a layer of iceberg.) Another classic- the BLT!

Forget The Bread
Substitute two sturdy slices of it for the bread in any sandwich you like. It can even be an excellent burger bun. And of course you can use it as a wrap, too, for just about any sandwich-chipotle chicken, chicken fajita, curry chicken, chicken with nuts, steak and avocado…the options are endless.

Stir Fried Dishes
Thinly-sliced strips of iceberg lettuce are an ingredient in several classic Chinese stir-fry recipes, but you can toss it into your weeknight stir-fried dishes, too. Similar to cabbage, it’ll hold up well and fast cooking will help keep its structure.

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