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Whether you prefer delivery or pick up, you’ve reached the right place. Sign up for our organic/sustainably farmed, locally grown farm box service!

Now entering our 9th season, you can enjoy selected fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, foraged items and farm products that change with the local harvest schedule. We offer weekly delivery in most of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, via Just Farmed. If you’d like to have the on-farm experience, enjoy our Pick Up availability right in Somerset County/Bedminster, NJ at our own Flipside Farm.

We are committed to keeping you connected to the local farms in our area. Cooking and eating with the seasons is our passion.

This Week’s Harvest

Week of April 12th, 2021

Sprout: Spinach, Leeks, Butterhead or Oak Lettuce, Chives, Crimini Mushrooms
Sprout Pick 2:  Spinach, Butterhead or Oak Lettuce, Chives PLUS your two PYO choices.
Crop: Spinach, Leeks, Butterhead or Oak Lettuce, Chives, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Frozen Peas
Crop Pick 3: Spinach, Leeks, Butterhead or Oak Lettuce, Chives, Carrots PLUS your 3 PYO choices.
Crop Pick 8: Please choose your 8 varieties from the PYO choices.
Harvest: Spinach, Leeks, Butterhead or Oak Lettuce, Chives, Green Beans, Gold Rush Apples, Persian Cucumbers, Pea Shoots, Shiitake Mushrooms, Kumquats, Fingerling Potatoes

Featured Farms: Spinach (Landisville), Leeks (Landisville), Lettuce (Mill Creek), Chives (Vannini), Carrots (Dagele), Cucumbers (Eagle Road), Pea Shoots and Spring Mix (Element Farm), Mushrooms (KSS), Kumquats (Bhumi Growers), Potatoes (Dagele), Sweet Potatoes (Landisville), Green Beans and Brussels Sprouts (Dagele), Frozen Peas and Corn (Dusty Lane)