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Whether you prefer delivery or pick up, you’ve reached the right place. Sign up for our organic/sustainably farmed, locally grown farm box service!

Now entering our 9th season, you can enjoy selected fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, foraged items and farm products that change with the local harvest schedule. We offer weekly delivery in most of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, via Just Farmed. If you’d like to have the on-farm experience, enjoy our Pick Up availability right in Somerset County/Bedminster, NJ at our own Flipside Farm.

We are committed to keeping you connected to the local farms in our area. Cooking and eating with the seasons is our passion.

This Week’s Harvest

What’s in my Just Farmed Box?
Deliveries for Week of September 20th

(week of 9.13 deliveries are still in progress)

PYO and Adds Ons open Thursday evening and are due by Saturday at 5:00pm.

** Please note: We rotate items throughout all boxes during the season. If you don’t see an item in your box size this week, there is a good chance it’ll be in your box another week!

Sprout: Broccoli, Orange Sweet Potatoes, Celery, Red Chard, Delicata Squash

Sprout Pick 2:  Orange Sweet Potatoes, Celery, Pears PLUS your two PYO choices.

Crop:  Delicata Squash, Red Chard, White Sweet Potatoes, Mint, Green Kale, Mixed Apples, Iceberg Lettuce, Scallions (or an onion variety if scallions are unavailable)

Crop Pick 3: Orange Sweet Potatoes, Celery, Red Chard, Delicata Squash, Mixed Apples PLUS your 3 PYO choices.

Crop Pick 8: Please choose your 8 varieties from the PYO choices.

Harvest: Orange Sweet Potatoes, Delicata Squash, Mint, Green Kale, Mixed Apples, Iceberg Lettuce, Carrots, Cheddar Cauliflower, Kohlrabi, Scallions (or an onion variety if scallions are unavailable), Snacking Peppers

Featured Farms: Sweet Potatoes (Landisville), Squash (Dagele), Mint (Vannini), Kale (Landisville), Apples (Ripple Hill), Lettuce (Dagele), Carrots (Eagle Road), Cheddar Cauliflower (Sunny Harvest/Breaking Point), Kohlrabi (Dagele), Scallions (Eagle Road/Dagele), Peppers (Eagle Road), Chard (Landisville)

Flipside Farm Pick Up- Week of September 20th

Wed 2-7pm; Sat 9-1pm, based on the day you selected

Below you’ll find what you can expect to see at the farm:

+ Tomatoes!!
+ Scallions
+ Basil
+ Eggplant
+ Cherry Tomatoes
+ Tomatillos
+ Potatoes
+ Fennel
+ Celery
+ Watermelon
+ Beans
+ Onions
+ Apples
+ Hot Peppers
+ ..and more