Store in water away from direct sunlight. You can keep it fresh for up to two weeks by placing the branches in a vase and keeping them on the counter out of the sun. This method is ideal when you’re likely to be using it frequently for cooking throughout the following week or so.


Remove any rubber bands or twist ties. Spread cilantro over a paper towel and let leaves dry. Can blot with paper towel. Gather them up, snip off the roots, place in a small jar or glass with 1 inch cold water. Cover the whole cup with a perforated bag. Change water every few days and wash cilantro right before use.


To successfully store parsley leave the band on and wash it well as soon as you get it home, let most of the water drain off, wrap it in paper towels and refrigerate for several hours. When parsley is chilled and some of the moisture has been absorbed by the paper towels trim off about an inch of the stems, place in a small jar of cold water and refrigerate on a lower shelf in the fridge. Change the water every other day and if the leaves should start to droop trim off another 1/2 inch of stem. Its very important to keep clean fresh water in the jar.


Dry the rosemary with a paper towel and trim off just the tip of the stems. Fill a drinking glass with 1 inch of fresh clean water. Rest the stems in the water. Slide an open plastic bag over the top of the rosemary, tenting all the branches. Put into the refrigerator and change the water every few days. If you don’t want to use a glass you can wrap the rosemary in a damp paper towel and store in an open plastic bag in the refrigerator. Change paper towels every few days.


Snip ends. Place in small jar or vase with a few inches of water. Will keep like flowers, either on counter or refrigerator for a few days.