PAN AU LEVAIN – An ancient leavened bread. Our Pan au Levain is built with the naturally occurring yeast in our sourdough starter. Unbleached and unbromated white flour and whole wheat flours creates the creamy, tangy and crispy loaf. Purified water and salt.

MULTIGRAIN – 100% whole wheat and rye flours fortified with a blend of sesame, quinoa, oats, rye meal, wheat berry and sunflower seeds. Purified water, salt and yeast.

RUSTIC SOURDOUGH RYE – Dark, medium and rye meal with a hit of whole wheat is leavened with our dark rye sourdough. Hearty and earthy, your soup and stew go to loaf. Purified water and salt.

COUNTY BOULE – Unbleached and unbromated white flour with a hint of medium rye and rye meal. Slightly sweet with a rich crumb. Purified water, salt and yeast.

PUGLISE – White flour base with 5 bench folds give you an airy crumb with superb crust.

Whole Wheat and Rye based with warm fall flavor.


White flour-based breads such as baguette and ciabatta are best enjoyed the day of purchase. They can be stored for an additional day on your counter in a heavy-duty freezer bag. It is recommended that they be reheated in a 350-degree oven for 10 minutes before enjoying. Whole wheat, multigrain and rye-based breads have a longer shelf life. When stored on your counter in a heavy-duty freeze bag they can last up to 3 days and appreciate the same oven reheat as baguette and ciabatta.

Package the bread for freezing.

Wrap bread tightly in plastic wrap before freezing. You could also use a zip-top freezer bag. The folks at King Arthur Flour recommend double-bagging hard-crusted breads to protect against sharp edges, which can cause small tears in the plastic, exposing the bread to freezer burn. No matter how you package the bread, your goal is to create a barrier between bread and freezer air.

Thaw and reheat for frozen bread.

Before you need to use a loaf, remove it from the freezer and set it on a countertop in its packaging. The bread will reabsorb any moisture on the inside of the bag or wrap. Let it sit until it reaches room temperature. Wade then reheats room-temperature, unwrapped bread at 350°F for about 10 minutes. It really brings the crust back to life. King Arthur has a technique for going from freezer to oven: Place unwrapped bread in a 400°F oven for 20 minutes. This “hot-thawing” method makes items stale quickly, so you’ll want to enjoy immediately.