Flipside Farm Pricing and Sizes

Two Share Sizes: Varieties for each box are selected based on the current harvest each week.

We’ll also include produce selections from neighboring, local farms and will  have add-on options each week. Pick up is located at Flipside Farm every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm-7pm and Saturday morning from 10am-1pm.

Pick up begins the week of May 11th.

Full Share- $39.50, 9 varieties, intended to feed 3-4 people

Half Share– $29, 6 varieties, intended to feed 1-2 people

For 2022, customers can skip weeks (right on the “skip a week” button on the homepage of this website) and add to their order. You are not charged for skip weeks (we need 1 weeks notice) but you must OPT OUT if you do not plan to pick up your share, otherwise you will be charged.

Billing will occur at the END of every month for share and add ons in that given month.

You are also more than welcome to pay in full for the entire season. Your season includes 28 weekly pick ups (between May and November 2022) and 6 monthly pick ups (between December 2022 and April 2023). For 34 weeks the full share price is $1343 and the half share price is $986. Remember- you can opt out of weeks that you know you won’t be in town!