CLOSED April Early Bird Box Week of 4/27/20

This is the second of two weeks of the “early bird” delivery box options.

Closing date is 4/23 at 3:00PM. No orders will be accepted after closing.

The Items in this box include (as the harvest gets closer we will narrow down the exact items from each category):

Asparagus (fingers crossed!)
Greens (kale, escarole, spinach or chard)
Allium (scallions, leeks or bunched spring onions)
Fruit (apples or asian pears or a combo)
Lettuce or Salad Mix
Crimini Mushrooms
Root Vegetable (carrots, radishes or beets)
Baby Green (Arugula, Spinach, Mesclun)

Please remember that we sometimes change the items slightly before delivery depending on farm harvests that week. We leave a little room for adjustments in order to choose the best, freshest harvests each week.

Before placing your order, click on the delivery days to see if your town is included in this delivery.

Scotch Plains