New Winter Schedule

We’ve decided to continue with weekly service throughout the winter months!

In years past, we’ve swtiched to 1x per month delivery from December – April. With our increased number of farm relationships, and the ability to utilize farms a touch further south, we feel confident in providing a well-rounded mix of produce and add ons all year long! This means, our old montly “skip” section has been revamped. If you need to skip any weeks, you’ll need to do so on the “skip a week” page. Customers skips from our old monthly schedule are no longer vaild.

Delivery Schedule for NOVEMBER and DECEMBER will be WEEKLY, with “OFF” weeks for:

(You do not need to “skip” these weeks as we will be closed)

  • WEEK 30, Thanksgiving Week of November 23rd-November 30th   – NO DELIVERY
  • WEEK 34, Christmas Week of December 21st-December 26th  – NO DELIVERY
  • WEEK 35, New Years Week of December 28th– January 2nd  –  NO DELIVERY

Delivery Schedule for JANUARY – APRIL will also be weekly, and those deliveries will begin the week of January 4th. We will have “off weeks” the last week of every month.

OFF WEEKS INCLUDE (You do not need to “skip” these weeks as we will be closed):

  • January 25th-January 30th – NO DELIVERY
  • February 22nd– February 27th – NO DELIVERY
  • March 29th– April 2nd – NO DELIVERY
  • April 26th-May 1st – NO DELIVERY

We hope this new, increased frequency schedule will help support the farms year round while still bringing local produce and products directly to your doorstep! You can skip as many weeks as you’d like (unlimited) and we’ll still bill at the end of every month.